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Play in online casinos using MCPrimarily known as a credit card provider, many banks globally also issue Debit MasterCard with their various accounts. The vast majority of online casinos both in the UK, and the rest of the world, will accept both MasterCard credit and debit card transactions. A lack of this option in their cashier might actually raise alarm bells over the casino’s credibility.

How to use a MasterCard credit card online

Using a MasterCard to make a deposit at an online casino is a straightforward process. It is identical to making any other transaction with your card online and you will not require any additional information. To make you first deposit you will need the MasterCard credit or debit card associated with your bank account containing sufficient funds, a few details about yourself, and an internet connection.

How to make a deposit at a MasterCard gambling website

Presuming you already have a bank account and MasterCard credit or debit card, you will next need to register at your chosen casino. For this, you will need to sign up for an account. Visit your casino’s homepage and find the link to ‘sign up’ or ‘register’. Fill in the requested details (username, name, password, email address) and hit ‘register’. It is common for you to be sent a confirmation email to check that the email address you provided is genuine and belongs to you. If this is the case, check your email account and follow the link in the email that you receive.

Using MasterCard credit cards with gambling websitesIt is likely that you will be automatically directed to the casino’s cashier after following the confirmation link. If this is not the case, follow the link at ‘cashier’ or ‘deposit’ on the main page of the website.

In the cashier area you will see options to ‘deposit’ and ‘withdraw’, and will also find information relating to your available funds, as well as any bonus cash that you might have been awarded. Under the deposit tab you will see many different deposit methods listed. You, of course, want to select MasterCard. Next, you will then be prompted to enter the details from your MasterCard credit or debit card. You will need your long card number, your expiry date, and the security code from the signature strip, as well as your name and maybe billing address of the card.

Some MasterCard casinos will have a minimum deposit amount for credit or debit card transactions but these are usually small. A minimum of around £10 is common but fortunately there is very often no fee applied to transactions.

One bonus of using a MasterCard or Visa at a web based casino is that redeposits and withdrawals are even faster because your details are already on the system. This makes repeat transactions incredibly quick and easy.

Pros of using MasterCard casinosPros of using MasterCard casinos


Instant deposits

MasterCard deposits happen in an instance. The second you hit ‘deposit’, you will see your funds ready and waiting to take to the tables or slots. This makes funding using a MC a very convenient option for those prone to a quick flutter at the drop of a hat.

No fees

Online casinos these days very rarely charge a fee for making a MasterCard transaction. This is great news for customers choosing this deposit method. For high volume players uncomfortable with keeping huge bankrolls online, even small fees imposed on transactions from other deposit options soon add up. This can make the lack of MasterCard fees a huge deal indeed.

Security features

MasterCard is an absolute household name and this brand recognition is important when thinking about security. The global nature of the company, and the fact that it is provided by your bank should alleviate most concerns over sudden insolvency of the company. The ability to query any unlikely abnormalities you might experience with an online casino also makes the MasterCard an attractive option.

It is also worth noting that MasterCard credit cards will frequently offer insurance for online purchases as part of their cards’ security and customer protection features. Being insured against any misuse of your card is certainly a comfort.

Claim huge sign-up bonuses

Many people are attracted to a certain casino based on the welcome bonus they offer. However, many people are also unaware that certain deposit options are excluded from being used to activate welcome promotions, due to their use in bonus abuse. Thankfully, MasterCard are almost universally accepted as a legitimate means of deposit when claiming a bonus.

Cons of using MasterCard casinosCons of using MasterCard casinos


Sensitive information

One major drawback for some is the amount of personal information you have to share with an online casino when using a MasterCard. This usually relates to the fact that a MasterCard is linked directly to your bank account which will rarely be used exclusively for betting transactions.

For those who are uneasy about depositing using an account directly tied to their name, one of the other payment options may be more to their liking. This is often the case where legislation prohibits banks communicating with online casino providers as it does in certain jurisdictions. Alternative banking methods with more anonymity include PayPal and Paysafecard.

Lightning quick payouts

MasterCard withdrawals are by no means the quickest way to get your money off a casino site. Generally speaking, withdrawals will take a few days after they have been processed by the site itself. Sites will usually process their withdrawals at least a few times a week so a time period of around five working days is common for withdrawals to be credited. Some of the biggest casinos have sped up their withdrawal times to MasterCard in recent years but they still cannot rival the likes of Neteller and Skrill when it comes to processing payments back to your account.

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