Pay By Phone & Mobile Casino Deposit Guide

Just a decade ago, how familiar were we with terms like apps, 4G, text usage, airplane mode, or touchscreen? OMG, not much at all. Now those and many other related terms and phrases are part of our almost daily lexicon. That fact alone illustrates how the mobile phone revolution has changed the way we live and the world itself. While cell phones were with us long before, in 2007 Android and Apple introduced smartphone technology, and the mobile phone revolution really took off. In just a few years, the smartphone has inserted itself into history by causing revolutions, bringing down world leaders and creating new ones. As important, these handheld devices have become a big part of our lives as communication and recreation tools. Look upon a group of people almost anywhere at anytime, and you will see at least some of them glaring down into their hands, reading, typing, swiping or just gazing at something.

But we, as casino lovers, have come to cherish smartphones for one activity, and that is gambling online. It is only natural that online casinos would lock on to the mobile phone revolution. Casino gambling online had grown up in the internet age, and it wasn’t long after the smartphone charged into the market that online casinos were scrambling to gain a share of the potential. They have done well. Nowadays we can play casino games anytime and anywhere there is internet access – in a waiting room, airport terminal, even in a boring meeting room. So we’ve added a new term to our lexicon – pocket casino.

Welcome to the pay by phone casino

All of that convenience and flexibility translates with payment systems. That makes the pay by cell phone casino a great choice for players. Credit card and third-party payment companies have gone out of their way to develop special apps for cell phone users to make convenient payments. Online casinos have followed suit. The top pay by phone casinos now have a wide range of deposit systems available to smartphone casino players.

Pay by phone bill casino

Some online casinos even offer a deposit option that is tailored for people who like to use their mobile phone to play games and pay quickly. The pay by phone bill payment system has its restrictions. But it offers the speed and simplicity that many other deposit choices do not. This payment option simply charges your deposit to your phone carrier account. You pay that additional charge along with your other charges at the end of the billing cycle. It is faster this way because verification of your phone number is the only proof needed in the process – no card number, no bank account number, no overdraft possibility. The pay by mobile phone casino deposit involves a few simple steps:

  1. Set up your online casino account.
  2. Click on the pay by phone bill payment option at the online casino.
  3. Enter the amount you want to spend.
  4. Enter your phone number for verification.
  5. Respond to an SMS text message.

It works much like a voucher payment in its simplicity. The companies that work with the phone carrier and the pay by mobile phone casino provide solid security to protect your phone number, and you can also use a prepaid phone account, as long as you have the necessary funds available in that account.

The pay by phone bill system has its drawbacks, and one of those is your inability to withdraw from the pay by mobile casino back into your phone carrier account. It is logical that the phone company wouldn’t want to give you a lifetime of free phone services simply because you hit the slots jackpot at a casino. So, if you come out ahead and meet the other casino restrictions for withdrawal, you’ll have to use another means of withdrawal.

Another rule of the pay by phone bill system is the maximum limit for deposit – usually around £30. For people who like to deposit in bigger amounts, this might seem to be a problem. But for those who like to keep a close accounting of gambling expenses, it is a plus. If you decide to use the pay by phone bill casino, make sure you check their Banking, Cashier, or Terms and Conditions sections to see what type of restrictions apply to pay by phone bill.

Then there is the issue of availability. Because of the legal restrictions involved with where you live, your phone carrier, or the online casino’s licensing, you may not be able to use a pay by phone bill casino. Generally, pay by phone bill is available in the United Kingdom, many other countries in Europe, and most of Canada. It is not available in the United States. The laws and regulations in much of the rest of the world are varied. In any case, it is best to check with your carrier and the pay by phone bill casino’s restrictions before you can count on using the option.

Pay by Bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin has caused a revolution of its own, and has gained a solid niche in the list of payment systems. This digital currency was born not long after the smartphone and has grown in popularity ever since. Now there are millions of bitcoins out there, and thousands of merchants who accept them. The reasons for the popularity are many, but speed, reliability and security are big factors. So it was only a matter of time before online casinos took note and began accepting and promoting Bitcoin.

Along with similar digital currencies, Bitcoin is ideal for users of pay by cell phone casinos. Not all online casinos accept Bitcoin now, but the advantages of casinos that do is worth checking out. Bitcoin is easy to obtain, simple to use, lightning fast and flexible.

Other mobile phone casino deposit and withdrawal systems

Most any other types of payment systems that you would employ using PC, are available in a pay by phone casino. That includes credit and debit cards, third-party payment systems such as PayPal, and bank and wire transfers. Many of these systems also provide withdrawal options, but it is important to check with the individual pay by mobile casino to find out what your options are and what restrictions come with each. Some casinos provide special apps for pay by phone, if you don’t already have one through your payment service.

Most pay by mobile phone casinos make it easy to deposit, and work the same as with your PC.

First find the Banking, Cashier or Deposit section on the menu or display.

Then choose the type of payment system you prefer.

Enter the amount you wish to deposit, and fill out whatever numbers or other identifiers needed, and you are ready to roll.

There are a number of factors that determine the speed and amount of your deposit, and what fees there may be. They include your payment system, your bank and country of residence, and the casino’s policy. You should find the details of these in the Banking, Cashier or Deposit section, and by reading the casino’s Terms & Conditions. But most deposits move quickly.

Withdrawals work differently. Many more factors go into your mode of deposit and the amount you can take out. You can usually expect to provide extra identification verification and more time for processing. And if you take advantage of bonuses, you should be aware of the withdrawal restrictions that come with them. Again, make sure to read those details in the casino’s Promotions section and under their Terms & Conditions.

All in all, the best pay by phone casinos are great for people who are on the move. Using pay by phone is a good idea for people who want to set up a mobile account separate from their PC account, just to be able to play during down time away from home. And if you want to accrue more loyalty points and rewards, playing by phone is good for playing anywhere, anytime to build up your points balance.

Bonuses at pay by mobile phone casinos

Shopping for a pay by phone casino often starts with considering the bonus. So there are plenty of online casinos that like to promote their mobile casinos by offering special bonuses specifically for players who wish to deposit by mobile phone. You can find a wide range of bonuses that target both new mobile phone players, and existing PC customers who want to add a mobile account. Many of these bonuses come with easily accessible bonus codes like PLAYMOBILE that you have to enter to take advantage of the specific offer.

The most common of these is some version of a match for mobile phone deposits. For instance, you deposit $20 and the casino gives you an extra $20, or a percentage of it.

Since some games are more compatible with the smaller screen, there are mobile casinos that offer bonuses for specific mobile games. Slots are by far the most popular mobile phone games, so free-spins bonuses for slots players are often attached to the other matching bonuses. But blackjack, poker, video poker and even roulette are games that can be played on mobile devices, so they are sometimes promoted to mobile casino deposit customers.

Pay by cell phone casinos also break down their bonus offers by the type of payment system you use. For instance, Bitcoin has become so popular that some casinos go after Bitcoin payers with bonuses for their pay by phone casino option.

There are even no deposit mobile phone casinos.

All of these bonuses may imply that you’re getting something for nothing, but all bonuses come with playthrough requirements that make you earn your bonus. Most of the requirements involve rollovers of from 20x to 50x. For example a $20 matching bonus with a 20x rollover requirement, means you would have to wager a total of $400 (20 x 20 = 400) to qualify to collect your bonus. That’s why it is a good rule of thumb to take a look at whatever requirements there are, usually found in the casino’s Promotions section or under Terms & Conditions.

Device and software factors for mobile phone casinos

Cell phone casinos certainly offer convenience for players who are away from their PCs. You can access the online casinos by using the browser on your mobile phone, downloading an app, or even using a QR code (the little square with random pixels filled in). You can download the entire casino or play individual games with flash. But before you choose an online casino for cell phones, there are some things to keep in mind. Your mobile phone’s software and the software of the online casino are important, because they need to be compatible in order to ensure smooth, easy play and navigation.

Online casinos have worked hard to accommodate almost every mobile phone type there is. They’ve generally done a great job and are getting better every day. But because the technology of the smartphone changes so fast these days, there are cases in which your particular device may not work as well with some casino games. Your cell phone and its software may be too old – or too new – for a casino. Usually the best way to test your device with a casino is to use the casino’s free play mode. Many casinos with have either downloadable or flash games available for free, even without registration. Check these out before depositing to find out if your cell phone works well with your favorite games.

If you want to go at a slower pace, live games are also something to consider. Many casinos that have blackjack, roulette and other table games offer the option of a screen with a live dealer and other players. You have a chat option to add to the social atmosphere. But depending on your software, the live dealer option may not be a good one. You won’t find free games in this mode, either.

The screen sizes and displays of smartphones have changed a lot in the last few years, because cell phone makers have searched for the ideal size for the latest technology. For instance, when video streaming became the big thing, displays were enlarged a bit to adjust. That pocket phone suddenly required a larger pocket. Nowadays the newer smartphones with slightly larger screens have received good reviews for casino play. Again, give your prospective cell phone casino a test run before diving in.

How various devices work with pay by phone casinos

Every mobile device and software type has its own quirks and advantages when using it for an online casino for mobile. Here’s a rundown of top devices and software and how they work with mobile casinos:


Early on, the Apple folks were a bit reticent about the online casino business and reluctant to make their software compatible and apps available. But the sheer popularity of the industry forced their hand. Nowadays you can find quality apps for mobile casinos, and Apple provides apps for only the most reputable casinos. You simply go to the app store, find your casino, install and follow instructions for signing into the casino. If you already have an account, you may enter on iPhone through the Safari browser. As a bonus, iPhone screen sizes have grown, largely because of online gaming. Downloading games that have more intricate software may be problem, but deposit by phone is generally fast and smooth. There are a number of iPhone bonuses available, and security is strong.


Smartphones that run the Android platform are generally the most compatible with the most pay by phone casinos. You can easily use the payment systems, and Android devices work well with the most broad range of games. The flash play availability on this software gives it an advantage, but you can use either an app or access through your browser. Samsung phones that run Galaxy and HTC are about the most flexible of these devices for mobile play. To play in a smartphone casino, you can go to the casino site via your browser, look for flash play games or follow the directions to set up an account. Or you can go to the Google Play store and look for an online casino then follow instructions to download the app.


This aging platform is not as popular as it once was, but there are still plenty of pay by mobile casinos that offer BlackBerry service. You can access and smoothly play a good variety of games using your BlackBerry. While the hard keyboard still takes up space, the Blackberry screen size has grown considerably, enough to accommodate a surprising number of casino games. Slots games are considered ideal for BlackBerry, and many casinos offer free play bonuses for users of these devices. Most BlackBerry casinos are accessible by browser, but you can also go to BlackBerry App World and find sites. Just type in the name of the casino, or simply type “casino” to find options, then download the app and follow instructions after that. The security, payment systems, and ease of play and navigation are as good as with any format.


Microsoft has had some catching up to do to get in line with the rest of the mobile phone industry, but Windows is becoming more common and accessible in the pay by mobile phone world. With the release of Windows 10 Mobile in 2015, they took their biggest step yet. The screen resolution is spot on, the downloads and games are fast, and the deposits and withdrawals are as easy to use as any. But whether you play with Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, you will have access to plenty of sites and plenty of fun games. And all of the online casino software brands work well with Windows.

Other mobile phone software platforms

Technologies and pay by mobile casino platforms change so much these days that it is hard to keep up with. If you happen to have a smartphone that runs an operating system outside of the major platforms listed above, it may be more difficult to find an online casino that is compatible with your phone. However, there are a lot of casinos, particularly ones that concentrate their efforts on attracting mobile phone casino customers, that offer a wider range of OS platforms. Some of the platforms these casinos accommodate include Bada, Ubuntu Touch, Tizen, Sailfish, MeeGo and many others. Some of these are outdated or otherwise discontinued. The best thing to do if you use one of these systems is find an online casino that runs it, and give your deposit system, navigation and the games a test run to see how it works for you.

Pay by cell phone security

The general rule about any online activity is that the security is as good as the computer you use and the measures you take. This may leave some doubts about smartphones. After all, it is mostly wireless technology; there is a lot of air out there that each of your cell phone functions pass through in their communication journey. On that journey there are a number of ways that a hacker or some sort of malware can slip in. And with users of pay by mobile casinos, the issue of how safe your transactions and personal information are is of primary concern.

Hackers will tell you that they can hack into anything, so there is a certain amount of vulnerability we all risk in the online world. But suffice it to say that the vast majority of online casinos have strong security setups. They go to great lengths to make it so, because it is simply good business to keep things safe on their end, and most online casino licensing agencies require casinos to take certain measures. Most casinos, therefore, have some type of encryption technology to make sure that your information and the money you transact is completely safe. When you are shopping for an online casino, look for secure socket layering (SSL) encryption guarantees. And check out any casino and its licensing before tossing in your money. There are plenty of online forums that can inform you about a casino’s security. If you can’t find another mention of the casino, it may be a fly-by-night operation.

Of course there are certain measures you can take on your end to make things safer; things like using a passcode that is not obvious (not your street number or birthdate), setting up a remote wipe through iCloud or Google Sync, and taking advantage of the many settings options that ensure security, and activating any updates right away.