Using Paysafecard Vouchers to Play in Online Casinos

Using PSC vouchers to gamble onlinePaysafecard is an alternative method of online funding that can be used independently from credit cards or bank accounts. Paysafecard is a UK based service, operated by Paysafe Group PLC. In recent years casino players have become more security conscious and PSC vouchers allow players to keep banking information private, which has been a popular feature. There are now lots of Paysafecard online casinos operating in 2017.

How to deposit and withdraw at online casinos with PSC vouchers

Before using Paysafecard, it is first necessary to set up an account with them. It is free to sign up for a ‘my paysafecard’ account and this can be done from the product website itself. They’ll ask you for your name, mobile phone number, date of birth and postal address, as well as the usual registration details like a username, email address, password and secret question. Once you have provided all of the required information and confirmed your email address, you will be ready to start using Paysafecard.

In order to get some cash to actually make a deposit with an online casino game provider’s website, you will need to load your ‘my paysafecard’ account with some. This is incredibly easy and can be done by entering a PIN that can be purchased from one of many pay points. Credit can be purchased both online, using a credit or debit card, or at real world locations using cash. The Paysafecard website has a sales outlet finder tool on it, so finding a pay point in your town should be pretty straightforward. Users wishing to buy PINs online should also visit the official site to find the ‘Paysafecard online PIN shop’, where they will be able to complete their purchase and load their account.

How to buy a Paysafecard voucherAfter getting hold of a PIN number, users must then enter it into the top up section on their ‘my paysafecard’ account. This instantly loads their account with however much money was associated with the PIN. This can then be used for a variety of online purchases, including online casinos.

Fortunately, the vast majority of online casinos now accept the payment method, so finding one to use your funds at should not be a problem. You may struggle at some of the smaller gambling sites, but all of the online casinos listed in this guide accept PSC deposits and withdrawals.

After checking that the casino you fancy offers the service, you can go ahead and create an account with them. This is straightforward enough and will involve entering the same information you used to create your ‘my paysafecard’ account. Once you’ve confirmed your email address is genuine you will either be directed automatically to the website’s deposit page, or have to find it manually. Luckily, deposit pages are usually one of the largest links on a site’s homepage, so this should not cause any difficulties.

Once you are at the deposit page itself, just enter your ‘my paysafecard’ account information, the deposit amount and any relevant bonus code. Your account will then be instantly credited with the deposited amount.

If you were hoping to use any welcome bonus that the casino offers, you should check the terms and conditions to see if Paysafecard deposits are excluded from promotions, as is sometimes the case.

Advantages of using Paysafecard casinosAdvantages of using PSC vouchers to fund casino accounts


Instant deposits

Transactions using Paysafecard are instantaneous. This makes them ideal for using at online casinos because the funds you transfer can be used immediately on the games of your choosing.

Much less valuable than credit or debit card

Being as it is a prepay service, any physical Paysafecard is considerably less valuable than a traditional credit or debit card. The purchased card itself is only as valuable as the amount you actually top up and once this has been loaded to your account, it is completely useless. Even if your account was somehow compromised and the sign in details lost, it is still only as valuable as the amount loaded onto it and although losing a few hundred quid might seem devastating at the time, at least it was not a whole month’s wages or worse.

No bank account required

Another great thing about the service offered at PSC is the fact that you do not need a bank account to make deposits. This is great for the hyper-security conscious who feel uneasy about sharing details of their accounts with casinos. Neither Paysafecard themselves or the casino games provider have access to any sensitive information and this makes it a secure alternative to more traditional methods of online deposits, such as Visa.

Disadvantages of using Paysafecard casinosDisadvantages of using Paysafecard online casinos


Your favourite casino might not support the service

Whilst it is all well and good providing a user friendly, secure service, it falls into irrelevance if your chosen casino does not support the use of Paysafecard. Granted, there is an ever growing list of casino games providers that do allow deposits from this method, but there remain some who are yet to implement the service. It is crucial that those wishing to deposit using Paysafecard check this before wasting their time on a sign up process.

Not necessarily free to use

Paysafecard can be used entirely for free but there are some occasions in which service charges may be implemented. For example, accounts will be charged a small fee for their continuous inactivity for over a month and some casinos may charge a percentage, or fixed fee, for choosing this deposit method. It is worth browsing the terms associated with fees before signing up and they can be found in full at the Paysafecard website.

Might not be usable to access welcome bonuses

It is not uncommon for casinos to reserve their juiciest welcome bonuses to those making credit or debit card transactions. This unfortunately means that some will refuse to pay their bonus for people making their initial deposit using an eWallet type service, such as PSC, PayPal and NETELLER. If you are wanting to deposit at a site and make use of their welcome bonus using such a payment method, always check the full terms of the bonus. They will give a full list of all accepted methods available. If there is no information about deposit methods, contact customer service using Live Chat or email.

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