How To Play Blackjack Online

how to play blackjack onlineBlackjack, or 21, is by far one of the most popular casino games both online and at land based venues. This card game is quite simple to learn and can have huge cash incentives for the player if you get the right combinations.

Online casinos offer a wide variation of blackjack games including progressive jackpots, multi-hand, multiplayer, and more. You have the option of playing on your own or alongside other gamers with both live and automated dealers.

Things you should know about playing Blackjack

Blackjack is thought to have been invented in the 17th century and each country has their own variations to this card game. The main goal, though, is to hit the score of 21 by adding the numerical value of your cards together.

The online success of blackjack came as no surprise as it followed the popularity of its land-based counterpart. Online blackjack opened up a whole new world for gamers, though, with the invention of progressive jackpots and live tables that could be played with others across the world.

Online blackjack is generally run by an automatic dealer but there are games available with live dealers. Where online blackjack trumps land-based games is that it’s available 24 hours a day and has a selection of different types to suit any player.

Rules of online blackjack

Although there are many different variations, the rules of online blackjack are generally the same. Your main aim is to reach a total of 21 with your cards and in doing so beat the dealer’s total. The values of each card are as follows:

  • Number cards equal their face value
  • An Ace can be either a one or 11
  • Picture cards are worth 10

The game starts with the dealer giving two cards to each player and two to themselves. Your cards are generally visible to others, whereas only one of the dealers is. If on your first hand you have a card worth 10 points such as K,Q,J, or 10, plus an Ace, you’ve automatically reached blackjack.

However, if you haven’t achieved this score on the first try you then must decide if you want another card. This will depend on your current total of the two cards you have. It may be too risky to ask for another, as if you go over 21 then you’re automatically out. Again, you don’t want to be too far under as the likelihood of the dealer being closer to 21 is very likely.

In the end, whoever is closer to 21 without folding between yourself and the dealer will be the winner. Keep in mind, though, that with as many online variations of the game as there are you’ll need to be very clear on the specific rules before you bet.

Tips for winning at blackjack online

Although it can be near impossible to guarantee a win at an online casino, there are a few rules that gamers stick to which give them a greater chance of hitting 21 and whether they should sit or stand.

  • 11 or lower: hit
  • 12 to 16: hit if the dealer’s upcard is 7 or more, and stand otherwise.
  • 17 and over: stand

These rules don’t apply to all players and some will tell you that the hit or stand limits are different. In reality, though, it’s still a game of luck and there’s no telling which card might be dealt next.

How to play blackjack online

The best online casinos will have access to any number of blackjack games, covering anything from classic to European versions. Royal Vegas is known as one of the top sites for Australian players looking to partake in a game of blackjack with over 40 varieties available.

Here are a few of the best casinos available with a huge selection of online blackjack:

  • Leo Vegas
  • Slots Million
  • Guts Casino
  • Rizk

All casinos recommended by Best Real Money Casinos have been personally vetted and explored to guarantee the best gaming experience possible for their players. Each of our preferred sites offer a minimum 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure your personal and banking details are kept secure.

Gameplay during online blackjack

Blackjack is a game with plenty of chances for additional bets or bonuses to be had, so there’s a lot more to it than just adding your cards up to 21. Here are a few of the extras you can expect to see when playing online blackjack:

  • Double down – the player is allowed to increase their original bet by 100% under the proviso that they only receive one more card.
  • Insurance – if the dealer shows an Ace as their exposed card, they offer insurance to the other players at the odds of 2:1. This is a side bet that becomes available and ensures that players still take some cash even if the dealer gets blackjack.
  • Perfect pairs – this is another side bet that players make before being dealt their cards, with different odds being paid for achieving pairs in your hand.

How do I play online blackjack for real money?

Blackjack games will often be located in the table games section of an online casino, so keep an eye out for this if you’re looking for a change of pace from pokies or your other favourite game.

Any one of the BRMC preferred casinos offers a huge selection of online blackjack for both first time and serious players. For the widest range, check out Royal Vegas Casino with over 40 different titles available.

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The final word

Blackjack is a game to suit every type of player, with the ability to join in a simple round or play something a little more complicated. Learning the rules are easy, and once you’ve gotten the hang of how the game works it will no doubt become one of your casino favourites.

Check out one of our recommended casinos, such as Royal Vegas, for the best places to play online blackjack, and take advantage of their generous sign-up bonuses today.