SMS Phone Bill Casinos Guide

Phone Bill Casinos — The Fastest, Easiest Online Casino Payment System Going

Best Phone Bill SMS CasinosPaying by phone bill is the answer to many online casino players’ dreams. This payment system is very safe, super fast, convenient and doesn’t involve large transactions. Ever since online casinos have advanced their design technology to accommodate small-screen mobile devices, pay by phone bill casinos have become more popular. They are perfect for people who want to occupy their down time by doing something other than thumbing through a magazine.

If you’ve ever been in an airport terminal, waiting room or (oops) boring meeting room and wanted to invest a little money in a casino game to bide your time, it’s the payment system for you. With this payment system, if you have internet access and a phone bill, you can be in a game within moments. The system works well with both iPhone and Android devices, and it’s great for quick-play games like slots or blackjack.

What is pay by phone bill and how does it work?

The phone bill payment system is so simple, we’re surprised more people don’t use it. That’s right, it’s as simple as charging your online casino deposit to your phone bill and paying the additional charge when you pay your phone bill at the end of the month. It came about not long after people started using – or trying to use – their smart phones to play their favorite casino games. In those days casinos were having trouble matching payment systems to mobile devices. Many players had to use an application on their PCs first, before being able to pay on their phones.

The idea of using an SMS system to facilitate phone bill payments was born. Now several major companies work with phone companies to allow people to use the transaction system. Players can simply click on the pay by phone bill option at their favorite casino and their charge goes to the phone carrier.

The popularity and acceptance of the pay by phone bill option has dropped off with some major casinos in recent years. The advancement of apps technology with credit and debit card systems has driven out the phone bill payment system in some casinos. And online casinos that are primarily sports books simply like customers to deposit larger amounts of money.

Advantages of paying with your phone bill

The big advantages of pay by phone bill are simplicity and speed. Some phones have a special setting for this type of transaction, so it’s good to check to see if you need a settings change. Then find an online casino that suits your needs – favourite games, bonuses, design, etc. The rest is simple. Here’s what you do:

  1. Set up your online casino account.
  2. Click on the pay by phone bill payment option at the online casino.
  3. Enter the amount you want to spend.
  4. Enter your phone number for verification.
  5. Respond to a text message.

That’s it. It’s kind of like a voucher payment. There’s no need to give out a bank account number, credit card number or any other identifying number. And that’s another of the advantages to using this system. The built in security of using no other number than your phone number speaks for itself. The companies that facilitate the system – Zimpler, Boku and Payforit are the most popular – pride themselves in the air-tight security they provide to protect your phone billing info. Besides, if you use your smartphone, it would be difficult to hack into a system such as this, because it would require an invader to have possession of the phone and the entry PIN.

There’s a £/€/$30 limit on your deposit, which is good for smaller-limit players who don’t want to get carried away with gambling expenses. That makes it perfect for people who want to spend a little spare time in their favorite casino.

This is also a good alternative for anyone who doesn’t have access to more conventional lines of credit, like credit cards. There’s no need to create a special account with a payment provider.

You can even use a prepaid phone account, of course as long as you don’t go over the agreement limit.

Some online casinos have special bonus promotions for pay by phone bill customers.

Disadvantages of the pay by phone bill system

There are a few drawbacks. First of all, if you are a high roller, that $/£30 deposit limit can be a little annoying.

Then there is the issue of withdrawing money. If you’re a winner, you won’t be able to withdraw the money into a credit on your phone bill. You’ll have to use another withdrawal system that the casino provides. Most online casinos will accommodate card, bank transfer or third-party systems for withdrawals.

While the fees of the online payment by phone system are generally low, you may have to do some homework on exactly how much your particular casino and phone carrier may charge you. The systems that facilitate the pay by phone bill service vary in how much they charge phone carriers and how much of that charge is relayed to customers. For instance, an international transaction fee may be added. Check with your casino’s support before you use the pay by phone bill, and keep an eye on your phone bill charges to see if any extra fees are tacked on.

Lastly, pay by phone bill casinos cannot be used by everyone everywhere. Your country of residence and your carrier determine that. It can get a bit confusing, because of the wide variety of laws and restrictions in various countries. For example, if you live in the United States and use a U.S. carrier, you can forget about it. American phone carriers simply don’t offer the service, partly because of gambling prohibitions. We couldn’t find the phone bill casinos even for customers from New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada, where some forms of online casino gambling are accepted. But if you live in much of Europe, Canada and many other countries where phone bill payment companies work with carriers, you are in good shape.

Casinos that accept phone bill payments

There are hundreds of online casinos around the world that accept the pay by phone bill transactions. The best way to find out if a casino accepts the system is to go to the banking, cashier or deposit tab on the menu and look for “Pay by Phone Bill” or the logo of one of the facilitating companies. You should also check the Terms of Service or Support areas to find out if any fees are involved with using the service. And keep in mind that bonus offers include restrictions on qualifying for withdrawal. Casinos do this to keep players from collecting bonus cash and withdrawing the money right away. Many require wagering up to the bonus amount.

Many casinos, including ones that are primarily sportsbooks, don’t offer pay by phone bill. That’s because they want customers to have the option of putting in larger amounts of money than the €/£/$30 limit built into the service.

But for people who want to lay a few dollars down on a quick game or two, here are some of the best pay by phone bill online casinos:

Guts – A member of the Netent group of casinos (a good group to check out), Guts is also licensed in Malta and serves primarily United Kingdom players. Offering all sorts of tournaments and periodic bonuses, Guts is a good casino for rewards. It has a nice 100 free spins offer that requires a £/€/$20 deposit to get in on. There’s also a £/€/$300 bonus for registering and a 100 percent matching bonus for depositing, so you can play slots, table games and/or video poker for way more than an afternoon here. Withdrawing money restricts you to a £/€/$20 minimum, using conventional cards or wire transfers. It also uses Zimpler for its phone bill payment system.

GoWild – Licensed in Malta, this casino serves players in several European countries and Canada. It uses Zimpler to work in conjunction with phone companies for its pay by phone bill option. Its software is powered by the reliable and reputable Microgaming company. A really well designed site, GoWild has a good variety of games from slots to classic table games (blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat) as well as poker and video poker. It offers a three-tiered bonus system in which players can earn up to £/€/$500. The initial deposit bonus is up to £150, which easily covers the £30 pay by phone bill limit.

The Phone Casino – We know. There had to be one with this name. But this casino is as its name implies, designed with mobile device players in mind. Otherwise, there are plenty of free-play games available here, and that’s good for players who want to practice their skills before going for real money. When you do go for the cash, there are minimum wagering requirements to qualify for any rewards and bonuses. This outfit features classic casino games and bingo. Based and licensed in the UK and Malta, there is access for players in most European and many African countries as well as Canada.

Pocket Win – This is a slots-oriented casino that also offers the classic table games and bingo. Based in the UK, and for UK players, there’s a £5 bonus for signing up. It has a free-play mode, and we like the blog that updates players on news of the site, usually special promotions.

mFortune – If you stick with this casino, there’s a nice loyalty rewards program that will pay off in the long run. Plus they give you £5 to sign up, even if you don’t deposit. If you do deposit, they’ll match it. Another UK-based operation that’s designed for mobile device users, the site offers bingo, poker, slots and table games.

MrSpin – Low budget mobile slots players should like this one. The site specializes in slots and has a wide variety of interesting games to choose from. Based in the United Kingdom and for UK players, the minimum deposit is £3, the matching bonus is £5, and you get 50 free spins. You can even play for free. They accommodate PayPal and bank transfer withdrawals.

Elite Mobile – This online casino has a lot of bonuses, tournaments and contests, with a blog to keep you up to date on what’s going on. Slots heavy, the site also offers blackjack and roulette, and there’s a free-play mode to try them out. There’s a matching deposit, and you can play for free. It’s licensed in the UK and based in Malta.

Royal Swipe – We like the design and ease of navigation around this site, which offers a wide variety of games, big jackpots for folks who like to go for the life-changers, and scratch cards, as well. Look for the £200 bonus for pay by phone bill customers. Licensed in the UK, it caters to players in Canada and much of Europe and Africa, and accommodates pound, dollar, euro and krona currencies. You can withdraw using Skrill, Neteller, cards and bank transfer. The Microgaming software makes the games easy to use.

Spin Genie – Really creative with its game selection, this site likes to promote its slots-bingo combo game, slingo. It has plenty of other slots games and a good variety of classic casino games. They match your £10 minimum deposit and have a nice VIP programme. Based in the UK and licensed in Alderney, they cater to UK players.

Lucks – You can get going on this Microgaming site by trying out the games in free demos on the home page. There are lots of slots to choose from, as well as blackjack, roulette and poker. You can find some good jackpot games, too. A £5 welcome bonus is offered as well as a matching deposit. They also have a VIP programme full of rewards for loyal customers. Another UK-based site, players from Canada, Europe and Africa can play here.