Banking with Visa at the Best Real Money Casinos

Banking with Visa for gambling onlineMost banks issue Visa Credit or Visa Debit cards with the various accounts they provide. As Visa is the most commonly issued card in many countries around the world it makes sense that they also facilitate the lion’s share of online casino deposits too. Learn how to play with the best real money Visa casinos in 2017.

Visa online casino deposits explained

Pretty much all major online casinos accept Visa deposits and withdrawals. Using your Visa card at one of these sites works in a very similar way to using it to purchase anything else online. You will need internet access, a bank account with a Visa Credit or Debit card and a few personal details to get started.

Steps to completing a deposit

First off, you need to register at your chosen Visa casino. This will involve creating an account so you will need an active email address and will have to think up a password and a unique username. The sign-up process will be very straightforward and during it you will be asked for various pieces of basic information such as your name, address, email address, phone number and an agreement that you have read the various terms and conditions relating to new accounts. It is all very standard stuff and will take no more than a minute or two.

Once you have an account, you will probably be automatically directed to the deposit screen. If not, it will be very obvious on the casino’s home screen where the cashier is located (hint: usually somewhere in the top banner). Here you will be presented with a variety of deposit options including Visa Credit and Debit. It makes very little difference to the procedure which type of Visa you use. Both will require you enter various details from the chosen card. These will include the long card number, security code and the expiry date.

There may be a minimum amount required to deposit in order to use a Visa casino but this will certainly be low (£10 or less). Visa transactions these days are also usually free. A nice feature about using real money Visa casinos is the next time you need to make a deposit or a withdrawal, your details will already be on the system. This makes redeposits fast and simple for those who need to reload.

Advantages and disadvantages of real money Visa casinos

There are several pros and cons to using Visa in order to deposit at an online casino. These have been listed below to help readers make a more educated choice when selecting their preferred method of deposit at gambling websites.

Advantages of using Visa casinosAdvantages


Deposits to online casinos with VisaSpeed of deposits

The instantaneous nature of depositing at a casino using Visa makes it a very attractive option for many. When the urge to have a spin on roulette or a couple of hands of blackjack strike, you can play within minutes.

Zero fees

It is very uncommon for casinos to charge a fee for using Visa deposits and therefore the customer enjoys more of their money to spend on the games offered. Visa withdrawals are usually also exempt from fees and both of these make the option a desirable one for casino players.


Being a massive name in the banking world certainly makes Visa feel a safe option. They are an international brand and because it is a service provided by your local bank, it is very easy to hold someone accountable should something unexpected occur.

Another nice addition to the exceptional security provided by Visa is their ‘Verified by Visa’ feature. This adds an extra factor into the authentication process when depositing and essentially means that if you were to lose your card and someone malicious find it, they would be very hard pressed to use it online.

Welcome bonuses

When you first sign up to a casino and make your initial deposit, you will often be greeted with a potentially lucrative welcome bonus. However, not all deposit options can be used to initiate a welcome bonus. Many of the eWallet type services available to work in conjunction with casinos are actually excluded from activating them. Luckily, Visa are almost universally accepted for promotions and this can be the deal breaker for many when picking their deposit option, especially when you consider how large some sign-up promotions can be.

Disadvantages using Visa casinosDisadvantages


Personal information

In order to make a Visa deposit, you will naturally have to share a lot of potentially sensitive information with a company you may be less than familiar with. This can be a problem for some who do not like the idea of using their current account online. If this is the case for you, maybe one of the other deposit options, such as Paypal or NETELLER, will be more appropriate.

Speed of withdrawals

Visa withdrawals do take a long time when compared to some of the more specialised funding options available. This can be a large drawback for more serious players who like to move their money around in accordance with various promotions offered at different sites. For these kinds of players, a two-day to two-week time frame is simply not workable and they would be advised to try one of the eWallet type services available for deposits. For the average player withdrawing a big win, this is unlikely to cause too much issue, however.

Protections on bank accounts

This one is a bit of double-edged sword and can be seen as both a positive and a negative. Visa and your bank provider have various safeguards installed to protect your money and owing to the sometimes far flung locations of casino bank accounts, sending money to them can sometimes flag up as suspicious and your bank may become frozen without notice. A quick security call will sort this out but it can be frustrating, particularly if your bank does not have a twenty-four hour fraud helpline. On the other hand, of course, if you did not initiate the transaction, these safeguards are undoubtedly a positive thing indeed.

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